Packaging Tapes

We understand that packaging tapes are the most fundamental requirements of any packaging industry. packaging tapes are used to wrap, seal, and bundle all products during storage, handling, transit, and delivery. We at PackOwl, have various types of tapes suitable for all your packing needs. All our packaging tapes differ in thickness, material, width, strength. From aluminum foil tape to hidden message tape, we’ve got your covered. With several options available here, you can choose the right packaging tape suitable for your business needs.

Types of Packaging Tapes Available at PackOwl

When it comes to choosing the right packaging tape for your business, you need to consider several factors. You need to know the weight and dimensions of your packages, products, security requirements, strength and type of the box, shipping methods, and more.

Here’s a list of Packaging tapes available with us

Aluminum Foil Tape Bunnings and Aluminum foil heat resistance tape –

They are durable, heat-resistant, scuff-resistant, strong, and used mainly for heavyweight packages. They are great to seal and enclose huge boxes with their high-pressure adhesive. They are simple and easy to handle.

BOPP brown tape for packing –

They are inexpensive and can be customized. They are made of polymer and used by all industries to seal carton boxes, courier bags, poly mailers, and more.

Chart black paper tapes –

They are durable and made of paper or polyester. Chart black paper tapes are suitable for lightweight packages that can seal boxes less than 15kgs.

Double-sided adhesive tape –

Available in different thickness, length, and width, these double-sided adhesive taps are sticky on both sides. They are made of paper and foam. Used for various purposes like bonding, mounting, sealing, and more.

Duct silver packaging tape –

Duct tapes are made of PSA or polyethylene that are extremely flexible, sticky, and is resistant to heat. They can be torn by hand. They are used across many industries especially by packers and movers.

Paper masking tape –

They are mostly used for painting jobs and are made of paper. They are flexible, easy to remove, and are heat-resistant.

Reflective heavy-duty fabric tape –

Heavy-duty packaging tapes are widely used for electrical insulation and to pack heavy boxes. They are made of PVC, reinforced papers, and are water and heat-activated.

Security custom security tape –

Made of PSA, paper, or polypropylene, security tapes are suitable for tamper detection. They are widely used for retail packaging, food industry, and the pharma industry.

Thread sealing plumber Teflon tapes –

These are used by plumbers to stop leakages of taps and seal the taps and plumbing lines.

You may need BOPP brown tape for light-weight corrugated packaging boxes. You may use Heat Resistance Tapes and black paper tapes for heavy packages. You can use Hidden Message Tape to pack valuables as they require tamper-evident sealing. Most of the large retailers use BOPP brown tape and black paper tapes for proper sealing and tamper-resistant packaging. It truly comes down to your needs and requirements to pick the right tape. Choose the best tape can save you’re a considerable amount of money and of course, it will lead to worry-free delivery of products.

If you are looking to buy packaging tapes for your business, please call us for further assistance. We can help you choose the best one for your industry and products.

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