Brown Woven Jute Sacks


Brown Woven Jute Sacks

Jute Woven bags are eco-friendly and reusable bags that are commonly used for the storage and shipping of raw food products. Jute sack bag is the most common hydrocarbon free or Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT) and environment-friendly packaging solution for agricultural industries. This jute sack bag specially made for agro-based industries and has no contamination with hydrocarbon and free from kerosene and petroleum oil. This jute sack bag also popular as a jute burlap bag/ Gunny bag etc. They are also used as an overwrap for various products.
Jute woven sacks are made from fibers of dried jute plants. The threads are strong and have a rough texture. Bags made from jute are commonly used in the transportation of raw vegetables and grains. Sacks made from finer fibers are used as an overwrap in retail packaging or gift items or organic products. Such bags usually have a drawstring for easy opening and closing. Jute sacks can also be printed using a few colors.



Industries: FMCG, Retail, Food

Material: Jute
Printing Possible: Yes
UoM: Pcs
Sizes: Customisation available
Customisation: Size, Printing, Lamination, Thickness, Mesh Size
Lamination : Yes (inside and Outside both)
Printing type: Gravure, Flexographic

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