General Cardboard Trays For Food


General Cardboard Trays For Food

Trays are made from paper pulp; this means that when heated they can be safely removed from the oven with bare hands. Seals in Freshness & Nutrition. No Leakage or Spillage. Environmentally Friendly. Conventional Oven or Microwave. Financial Benefits. Waste Disposal. Serving trays provide a large, stable platform for you to safely, quickly and comfortably carry everything from glasses of wine to main courses and lunches. The best serving trays have features such as non-slip surfaces, large handles and strong builds that all make carrying food or drink easy.



Industries: Food and Beverage
Material: Paperboard
Printing Possible: Yes
UoM: Pcs
Sizes: Customisation available
Customisation: Lamination, GSM, Size
Recyclable: Yes
Printing Type: Offset, Screen
Flutes: E,N,G
Window Possible: Yes

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