Glass Jars Storage Containers


Glass Jars Storage Containers

Containers for high-end merchandise is the straight-sided glass jar. These glass jars are beautiful to gaze at, and they feel incredible. When you pick up a product in a beautiful glass jar, it feels gratifying. Glass jars are sophisticated and are used to store goods for retail selling.
Glass jars come in a variety of colors and sizes. Normally, you can choose clear glass jars.
Glass jars are perfect for bath products, essential oils, and creams or moisturizers. They do not react, so they are great for materials that may react with plastics. These jars are also safe for food use. Their shape and size are highly customizable and they offer great utility.



Industries: Food and Beverage, FMCG

Material: Glass
Printing Possible: Yes
UoM: Kgs
Sizes: Customisation available
Recyclable: Yes
Customisation: Artwork, size

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