Food Pouch Design Center Seal


Food Pouch Design Center Seal

Center sealed pouches are pouches made of flexible films that are center sealed at the back with a margin of about 20 mm. Center sealed bags are great for packing powders, solids, or pastes. Center sealed pouches are a prevalent and low-cost, flexible packaging method. It can be made from multiple types of packaging films, where the packaging is a center seal at the back where two ends of the packaging film meet. It is a low cost, water and tamper-resistant packaging that is used across multiple industries. It can bear up to 10 kilograms of weight and it is commonly used for packaging whole grains, ready-to eat food products, snacks, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances and more.



Industries: FMCG, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical

Material: BOPP, PE, PET
Printing Possible: Yes
UoM: Pcs
Sizes: Customisation available
Customisation: Sizes, FInishing, Material, Thickness
Printing Type: Offset, Screen
Lamination Possible: Yes
Printing Type: Flexographic, Gravure
Zipper Possible: Yes
Window Possible: Yes
Recyclable: Yes
Standard Finishing: Matte / Gloss / Matte-Gloss

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