Air Tubes & Air-Filled Plastic Bags


Air Tubes & Air-Filled Plastic Bags

Air columns or air pillows are small inflated plastic pillows used as a void-fill to protect shipments during transit from bumps, drops, or vibrations. Air columns or air pillows are a low-cost and lightweight void fill option. These are essentially air-filled plastic bags that are heat sealed. When used as void-fill, these almost add no weight to the shipment. Since air pillows can be inflated on demand using air filling machines, storing air pillows is also quite easy.


Industries: All

Printing Possible: Yes
UoM: Pcs
Sizes: Customisation available
Customisation: Shape, Printing, Size
Printing Type: Offset, Screen
Zipper Possible: Yes
Recyclable: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
Shapes: Cushions, Bubbles, Tube

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